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At estorm International, I built the regional Asian office that today handles multi-million USD projects for digital marketing campaigns to digital business consulting. There, I have also led and facilitated multi-day digital workshops for C-Level executives for international clients based in France, Tokyo, and Malaysia.

As a foresight consultant, I focus on public policy and technology issues. I have helped run foresight workshops for UNICEF Malaysia as part of their strategic planning process. In Indonesia, I’m involved with public policy and military planning discussions with various organizations.

I’ve done all this because I love to connect the dots between individual behaviors, social dynamics, and the technology that enables them.

I have been in digital marketing before Google was around, helped developed public policy platform for a political party, written over 100 articles on war strategy to energy security, and built a multi-disciplinary digital marketing team from the ground-up.

Reach out to me, if you want to talk about system change, facilitation workshops, digital media & businesses, and old-school American Cocktails like the Manhattan or Vieux Carre.

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